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Style File: Elegant Gentleman in Linen

Linen- the ultra timeless, reminiscent fabric that.... Keep your Young Man well dressed in this classic and European style will...

Style File: Seersucker Savvy

This week's post is focused on the fabric that Florence Eiseman has streamlined and popularized to create the most beautiful and timeless garments for our kids: Seersucker! Did you know that seersucker was a must in everyone's wardrobe until air conditioning was invented in the 1950s? Politicians even embraced Seersucker Thursdays on the floor of the Senate and dressed in cool seersucker suits during the summer months! 

Just in time for spring, these light, airy pieces truly do prove the point of the brand's famous catchphrase: "Style Starts Small". With this collection's many versatile, durable, and even reversible dresses and overalls, each garment will make its way into your child's nostalgia, as Florence Eiseman is definitely a definition of iconic children's clothing.




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