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DIY: Welcome Little One Tags

As your friends, family, or even yourself become pregnant what better way to welcome the little one with a DIY project. Over at BMG we find that homemade elements are not only more affordable, but also add a personal flair to things that simply cannot be bought. Therefore, we decided to make simple tags that serve multiple purposes. Use them as a finishing touch to your baby shower favors, as a gift topper, or a to and from card. Follow the steps below to create your own.


Style File: Birthday Inspiration

For those of you celebrating the birthday of one of your little ones this weekend (or maybe of one of their friends), here’s a little inspiration brought to you from our team. 

What to Wear:


What to Gift:

For Her

  1. The Giant Play and Learn Book is a fun and vibrant book that will keep you turning its pages. Not to mention, it’s a beautiful addition to any child’s bookshelf. 

  2. Show your classic and timeless style with this paper doll play set. 

  3. This ballerina themed puzzle is not only adorably packaged but is sure to entertain your little ones. 

  4. This yoga set is a fun visual way to get any little one active and familiar with the practice. 

For Him


  1. This pirate toy contains specific features to help little ones learn to tie their shoes, button buttons, and unzip zippers. It’s also a great addition to a nautical themed room. 
  2. Open your eyes and become captivated by the magnificent ocean with The Open Ocean book. 
  3. This soft elephant soother is a great addition to any baby boy’s collection. 

  4. This double draw pirate book is perfect for any creative tot. 


Happy Friday from BMG to you! 

Style File: Look of the Week(end)

During the week we know your kids are busy both throughout the academic year and summer whether it be with school, camp, helping mom or dad with their daily routines, or practicing their favorite sport. Most of the time, it isn’t until the weekend comes around that they are able to flaunt their best getups. Thus, on Fridays we’ll start your weekend off right with a select look from our boutique. Keep posted! 



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